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Visit Sigiriya Lion Rock

Visit Sigiriya just once and you’ll have little doubt as to why it was chosen as the location for one of the ancient world’s most astounding and enduring icons. Elected as the capital by King Kasyapa (477 – 495 CE), he erected his most magnificent palace atop the giant rock, which served a twofold purpose; as a mighty fortress which was impossible to breach, while also providing complete privacy for its royal denizens & their monarch, who ruled from above. After the king’s demise the pleasure palace was turned into a Buddhists monastery and even today as a UNESCO World Heritage Site it endures as one of Sri Lanka’s most popular attractions for local pilgrims, historians and cultural enthusiasts.

Located just 6 km from the hotel, the giant rock looms large against a backdrop of clear blue skies and lush green countryside. Even today, centuries after its construction, much of the monolithic grandeur remains intact, from the extensive pleasure gardens, to intricate frescos, winding hallways and secret nooks, Sigiriya holds an ancient mystique, untouched by time. Come discover an abundance of Sigiriya attractions such as these during your stay with us.